Thursday, January 22, 2009

EABS @ Switzerland

Monday, December 15, 2008

EABS: Students participate in the Internet Governance Forum

The third Internet Governance Forum organised by United Nations and sponsored by the Government of India, was held at Hyderabad from December 3-6, 2008 and saw participation from the government representatives, corporate heads and NGOs from around the globe. Abhishek Agarwal, Ashish Thakur, Ravi Parasrampuria and Shreya Agarwal from Europe Asia Business School were the four students selected to be a part of Internet Governance capacity building program conducted by the Diplo Foundation, Geneva in association with NIXI. They went on to earn a scholarship and an opportunity to attend this conference.

The students participated in various IG related issues like Child Pornography, Cyber Security and Privacy, Socio- economic factors, legal issues. Ravi and Ashish were also part of the panel on Youth issues where they gave an overview of their project They also gave various suggestions towards youth involvement in the Internet Governance discussions.

“This is a huge opportunity for the students to get such a rich exposure to complex issues of Internet Governance which is still in the nascent phase in India and we as an institute are committed to explore such emerging issues that require the nation’s immediate attention.” said Dr Nikhil Agarwal, Director Europe Asia Business Schoo

Saturday, November 22, 2008

EABS wins at “Vasundhra Bachao” Business plan competition held at NITIE

Students from Europe Asia Business School(EABS), Pune participated in 'Vasundhra Bachao', a Business plan competition focussing on Green Ventures organized by National Institute of Industrial Engineering(NITIE), in association with Yuvak Biradari, Sri Vile Parle kelavani Mandal, on Nov 18-19,2008. EABS team 'Prakritik Shudhata' - Gaurav Singhal, Ashish Thakur, Ravi Parasrampuria emerged as the 2nd prize winners from various teams all across India. Team Prakritik Shudhata won a cash prize of Rs 15,000 and will get a chance to showcase their project to venture capitalists.

The theme of the competition was environment friendly businesses with the focus on with topics related to air, solid and liquid waste treatment and management, water management, recycling, reuse, environment management systems, greening of supply chain, green marketing, developing a green product or service etc.The competition had three stages and started with the submission of the entire Business Plan. At the second stage held at NITIE 15 teams were asked to present their plans in front of various judges from the industry.five teams from these made it to the finals held at Bhaidas Auditiorium, Mumbai. Team EABS presented a plan on Integrated dairy farming and there entire plan keeps the environment at the core thereby providing value and quality to the customer.

By:- Ravi Parasrampuria

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mr. Kiran Karnik, former Nasscom President and CEO Discovery

It’s was a  pleasure to have Mr Kiran Karnik, a renowned personality in the Indian IT industry at ZCBI. His educational background includes an Honours degree in Physics from Bombay University, followed by post-graduation from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has served as President Nasscom , worked with Indian central and state governments , served as managing director at Discovery networks in India from 1995-2001 . He worked for over 20yrs in Indian space research organization (ISRO), served  Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), worked with the United Nations in New York and Vienna,  done a  consulting assignment for UNESCO in Afghanistan, and has also been a consultant for WHO, The World Bank, UN Institute for Disarmament Research and Ford Foundation.  

I was awed at the speech and  personality of Mr. Kiran Karnik, a very charismatic, energetic person stealing the attention of the audiences .  He took us through a recap on the subprime crisis  and gave us a valuable insight as to what managers and leaders should do in this constantly changing and uncertain environment. His speech included two important concepts which are imprinted in my mind. First, is the Chaos theory in which he describes how an initial small change may have a huge impact at the end. Second is a very psychological effect called the ripple effect, which is clearly evident in today’s financial turmoil. He talked about how different disciplines impinge on each other and the importance of the need to be interconnected cross disciplinary rather than being cocooned in one discipline. The way Mr. Karnik spoke about the distinct areas of difference between Managers and Leaders is incredible. He says managers typically look at the resources and optimization of those resources. Leadership on the other hand looks at how differently these resources can be used, how to change the constraints and get more of these resources. Leaders distinctively change the rules of the game and the business model itself. Leaders are visionaries and innovators. They do not compete with anybody and don’t outrun but they sure outsmart others in the game.

We all imbibed a lot from this experience. We all were flabbergasted and amazingly hooked on to his eloquence and his phenomenal knowledge. Overall, Mr. Karnik’s speech was an unparalleled delight.